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Worth The Hype: Why Your Brand Needs To Be On TikTok

by Svenja Solveig Pleye

Your brand needs to be present on TikTok. Now hear me out: I know that there was a time when everyone said ‘’Well, it’s not for everyone’’ but these times are over.

why your brand needs to be on TikTok

Here are 3 Reasons To Be On TikTok:

1. Broaden your audience to attract a new customer segment

2. The highest engagement levels out of all the social media platforms

3. Monthly reach of 1 billion active users helps you to create awareness

So be smarter than your competitors and figure out your TikTok game now. Let’s teach you the essentials for good TikTok content – Keep reading.

Get Started: Learn The 2 TikTok Essentials

#1 Trends

Trends are pretty much TikTok’s language – and you should try learning it ASAP. And let me tell you: There’s always a challenge or a trending dance going on – just make it your own. For our business of fashion, this most likely means to show outfit combinations, different ways to style one of your collection pieces, or explain how to make the latest fashion trend suitable for everyday wear.

Whatever it is – make it fun!

#2 Hashtags

Hashtags play an even bigger role on TikTok compared to other platforms. By using them you receive more traffic and put your brand on the map. A quick and easy way to get an idea of the current ones, you should regularly check the Discovery page. If you need more help on that, there are actually also guides to good hashtags and tools to find appropriate ones for your content.

why your brand needs to be on TikTok
why your brand needs to be on TikTok

TikTok’s Marketing Features

Sponsored Hashtag Challenges


What: user-generated content

How: own original hashtag

Why: Brand Awareness, Engagement

Examples: #WinningRL

Hashtag Challenge Plus

short-term or long-term

What: in-app purchases

How: own special landing page

Why: Conversions

Examples: Kroger

Your Competition


What they did: create a dance challenge

How they did it:  creation of an own original song It’s from Boohoo, which users then created videos with,  showing off their most recent favorite Boohoo pieces

Why they did it: Increase Engagement, Connect with Users


What they did:  create the F is for Fendi campaign

How they did it:  share their brand values Future, Friends, Fearless, Family, and Freedom with a voice-over of what they mean to them personally

Why they did it: Increase Brand Awareness, Increase Engagement

why your brand needs to be on TikTok
why your brand needs to be on TikTok

If you learned anything today by reading this post, I hope it’s to get on TikTok if you haven’t already done so. Use the platform to show a more playful side of your brand and make it interactive by making use of trends, challenges, and hashtags.

Nevertheless, you should always be authentic. Examples like Fendi show, that you can be successful on TikTok without changing who you are – just add your own twist to it! At the end that’s the kind of brand, your customer will remember – and when they remember you, you got them in your net!

Did this post get you excited and craving for more? – Stay tuned for next week’s post where you’ll learn another interesting facet of the world of Fashion Marketing.

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