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Make Your Brand An Experience: 3 Steps To A Good Storytelling

by Svenja Solveig Pleye

We’ve already discussed why understanding your customer is so important, but let’s take a step further and talk about your brand again. As you’re building your company and create your product, I’m sure you already have a more or less elaborated idea in mind of what purpose you’ll serve with it. This can be either the inspiration you had to even found your brand – as it was the case with the brand we’re about to look at together here in a second – or a formulated brand message you’re trying to bring across. Whatever it is: Try to make a whole story out of it!

However, you can’t just make a story up – you have to put a lot of thought and effort into it. In the end, your story should consist of many small puzzle pieces that span your entire brand positioning and create a coherent overall picture. Do you want to find out what the puzzle pieces are? Keep reading.

#1 Create Your Story With Your Customer in Mind

Your Brand’s Story

For all my non-European folks: let me give you a quick overview of the German jewelry brand PURELEI so you know what we’re talking about. Alisa, one of the three founders, spent her semester abroad in Hawaii. During this time she fell in love with the locals’ way of life and mentality so much that she wanted to bring it home with her – That’s how PURELEI was born. Even though being founded in 2016 and still being relatively new, the jewelry brand has grown steadily since its inception and has achieved high popularity and desirability.  The brand name PURELEI consists of the word ‘’PURE’’ which stands for the purity of the body and ‘’LEI’’ which is the iconic Hawaiian flower chain which also captured in the brand logo. Currently, the company offers a wide range of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings – all relatively affordable without sacrificing quality.

The Customer to Your Story

I have already stressed to you before how important it is not only to know but also to understand your customer. After all, they are the ones who will ideally be purchasing your product. The customers of the brand PURELEI are mostly female and between 20 and 35 years old. Also, they spend a lot of time on social media and are very interested in fashion and trends. Obviously, the customers of this popular jewelry brand are triggered by the constant vacation photo content of platforms like Instagram and are longing to go abroad themselves. And let’s all not forget that Hawaii is pretty much on everyone’s bucket list – That’s where PURELEI comes in and offers them jewelry with which they can dream themselves on the beautiful Waikīkī beach.

#2 Start Communicating Your Story

The Story in The Product Details

PURELEI was founded on the idea of bringing Hawaii to Europe and to do so they incorporated the central pacific spirit into every little product feature. First of all, all the jewelry has Hawaiian names such as Kahakai which means beach, or Soleil which means sun. But what’s the first thing you think of when you think of Hawaii? – No, I wasn’t talking about the coconut bras. I meant the beach! Many young women take off their jewelry for the beach to avoid green blue marks caused by their low quality. However, your personal jewelry is supposed to be fun and an eternal lucky charm. That’s why all of PURELEI’s products are waterproof, enabling wearing comfort while you swim, surf, or just lay at the beach as long as you want. For the average customer who can only beam themselves to a beach in their dreams – especially in Corona times – this means at least that they don’t need to take off their jewelry when showering – which in the end is kind of nice and convenient too. In addition to the quality, PURELEI’s items are all rather light and comfortable. You’ll never find a necklace or diamond ring within their range, but small constant companions that will always put a smile on your face. All of these product details combined clearly embody the Hawaiian ease and lifestyle.

The Story in The Presentation

When you have thought your product all the way through, the suitable presentation is just an add-on. However, don’t underestimate how much a suitable presentation accounts for in the overall impression of your product and brand. For PURELEI this means that not only their jewelry has to reflect the Hawaiian mindset – their models and their product backgrounds have to too. That’s why you’ll never see a PURELEI model with full face makeup nor one in an evening gown. To continue the brand’s story, you’ll see naturalness wherever you look, a positive aura, and lots of aloha.

#3 Excel by Co-Creating Stories

Give Your Brand a Purpose

While PURELEI already made all their products match their inspiration, what’s left is the final touch. Given that this jewelry brand lives for Hawaii and a calm mindset it only adds to the picture that they fight for sustainability and a conscious approach to the world and its inhabitants. Therefore, PURELEI constantly raises awareness through different campaigns and special collections to donate money for the good cause. To support the preservation of Hawaii’s ecosystem, the brand raised €26,881.71 during the Plastic Free July campaign, with which the Sustainable Coastlines could then organize Beach clean-ups. Furthermore, PURELEI used its voice to speak up for a more diverse, inclusive, and equal society as part of its recent campaign for Women’s Day 2021. Thus, it’s pretty clear that PURELEI isn’t just a simple jewelry brand.

Work With Like-Minded Brands

You probably heard the saying ‘’Great minds think alike’’ before and the same goes for brands when working together. To really excel in your storytelling you should always think about like-minded brands to cooperate with. Not only that you can benefit each other by growing each other’s customer base, but you also generate more brand touchpoints for your target group at the same time. In PURELEI’s case, one of the beneficial cooperation partners has been Disney. Just as the jewelry brand does in a small version, the world-renowned media corporation has been inducing its consumers to dream themselves into distant places and worlds for decades. As part of their work together, the jewelry brand released limited collections which made all Disney fans’ hearts skip a beat. It’s up for debate whether Disney gained customers through these collaborations, but PURELEI sure did see some increase through the movie fans. Then again if you take a look at the Mulan collection or the latest Jungle Cruise one – You really can’t blame them. Ultimately, successful collaborations like these make customers fall in love with both brands – deeper and deeper.

If you learned anything today by reading this post, I hope it’s to always keep your brand’s story in mind and communicate it clearly to your customers. Just as with PURELEI your story shouldn’t end with an excellent product – You’ll have to make your brand a story worth telling and make it stand out from the crowd. In the end, you want to leave a lasting impression on your customers and give them enough reason to choose you – again and again.

Did this post get you excited and craving for more? – Stay tuned for next week’s post where you’ll learn another interesting facet of the world of Fashion Marketing.

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