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Don’t Overthink Your Product: Why Knowing Your Customer Is More Important

by Svenja Solveig Pleye

Before we can even start to think about the product or service that we want to offer, we have to set the foundation for it all: Who is our customer? Of course, it is nice to already have the pretty clothing planned out which you want to sell and the nice material that it will be made of but what is this all really worth if we don’t know who we want to sell it to? A nice piece of clothing, in the end, is just a nice piece of clothing that only becomes unique through the way it’s marketed to reach the exact right person who will purchase the clothes, come back to you, and tell all of their friends about it. So how do you get to that point? Well for starters: Keep reading.

Know Who Your Customer Is: The Demographics

First of all, you’ll have to think about the key demographics of your potential customer. So you said you want to sell clothes, right? Let’s say it’s not a gown, more like daytime appropriate. You also offer a variety of sizes as well as designs. Which customer comes to your mind with which you want to start a long-term relationship? I could picture Lauren buying your clothes. Lauren is a female aged 25-29 years who live in an urban area with a steady warm climate. She has some college education and is currently striving to build on that by visiting a college in the city. Given that she’s still a student, she has limited income but her barista job at the local Starbucks pays well enough to fulfill some of her personal wishes. She spends a lot of time on social media but is trying to keep it private to not let it affect her future career opportunities. Lauren’s single but is interested in getting to know someone when the time is right. Her generation of Gen Y sets a lot of requirements for Lauren which she’s trying to live up to.

Understand Your Customer: Beyond Names And Numbers

After I gave you some information about Lauren, let’s take a deep dive into what’s on her mind and what makes her tick. Lauren is a student so she’s often stressed and feels like she can’t keep up with assignments and her professor’s expectations. Also, being a student for her means that there’s a dress code she needs to follow, so her outfit has to be appropriate in terms of length as well as the cleavage. Frustrated by the restrictions, Lauren oftentimes ends up wearing jeans and a shirt to class although this doesn’t really reflect her personal style. Given the fact that she would like to meet someone if she got a chance to, she would like to look feminine and attractive wherever she goes without people assuming she just got off work or off school. Nevertheless, she commutes to her job and her classes by bus and wants to feel comfortable in her clothing while sitting on the possibly dirty seat in public transportation.

Answering Your Customer’s Prayers: Time For Your Product

Let’s come back to what you initially wanted to do: sell your clothes. We already discussed Lauren’s demographics and talked about what her life looks like – Let’s make your product fit her needs! Given that Lauren is looking for a better outfit to reflect her style while following her duties, your clothes will have to accommodate all these things. Lauren is always on the go since she’s either commuting to her barista job or classes which means she’d wear your clothes all day long. However, she’s interested in finding her special someone, so your clothes have to emphasize her femininity too. So how about a nice day dress? Although it can be tricky to design a dress that is comfy yet stylish, you could reach that by making it 100% cotton. That way it’s not only breathable and stretchy but also hugs her body and boosts her confidence. Also, your dress should be high-necked in a midi length. This way Lauren won’t have to worry about her dress not fitting the college’s dress code. The fit should be an A-line which gives Lauren the self-confidence from wearing a dress without being too worried about it being too body-fitted. No student would want to worry about pulling their dress down all the time and being limited in their movements. Also, you’ll have to make sure that you’re reaching Lauren in the right way which means your marketing has to take place on campus and on social media. From the information about her using public transportation, you can assume that she’s somewhat environmentally conscious. Thus, an effective marketing decision could be to attain well-known green certificates such as Fairtrade Cotton. Maybe you might also want to look into modern recycling options. Could your business idea be that you offer a discounted dress for every time she returns one of her worn-out ones instead of throwing it away? – Make your concept unique and make it yours.

If you learned anything today by reading this post, I hope it’s not getting too caught up in your product details before you decided on your buying persona. Before you can come up with the perfect product, you’d have to figure out your persona’s demographics and emphasize with them about their life and their needs. Remember: If you have a Lauren, you also have the perfect Lauren dress. If you don’t have a Lauren, you’ll reach customers, but not the right ones to establish sustainable customer relationships with in the future – And that’s what we all want and what we’re all about!

Did this post get you excited and craving for more? This was just the beginning! – Stay tuned for next week’s post where you’ll learn another interesting facet of the world of Fashion Marketing.

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