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Being Relevant on Social Media: 2 Ideas For Good Instagram Content

by Svenja Solveig Pleye

There is no successful fashion brand without a good social media presence. Therefore, to be relevant, you have to not only be active on social media platforms but actually deliver valuable content to your (prospective) customers. Given the fact that you’re just starting your fashion brand, we’ll start with your Instagram account. Not only can you reach a wider audience compared to TikTok for example, but the global fashion search platform Lyst considered it a ‘’powerful fashion force, that is setting trends and boosting sales’’, in their Year in Fashion Report from 2018. Do you want to know two ideas for good fashion Instagram content and find out what benefits they provide to you? – Keep reading.

Two Ideas For Good Instagram Content:

#1 Outfit Combinations

While this idea might sound basic, a lot of fashion brands miss out on its usefulness: posting outfit combinations. Even though you can also post your models wearing your looks, this idea is more about a strong focus on your fashion without any type of distraction. Thus, you should layout the items you want to showcase on a nice yet plain background. By doing so, you give your collection enough room to shine and it might be easier for your customers to picture themselves in your fashion by offering a neutral perspective. Also, you illustrate to your customers how versatile your collection really is and create multiple looks around it so that they hopefully don’t feel the need to look for complementary items at another brand.

Why you should do it:

  • Increases brand awareness – high chance of followers sharing the outfit inspirations with friends
  • Increases brand engagement – high chance of post being saved
  • Direct shopping feature – shopping items without leaving the app

#2 Customer Content

The second idea of good Instagram content is something you don’t even have to create yourself: it’s about sharing customer content. More precisely, it refers to you reposting your customers’ posts in which they’re wearing your fashion. What could possibly promote your collection better than other happy customers rocking them? – Exactly. The only thing you need to do is consistently encourage your customers to share their brand experience with you. Ideally, you come up with a hashtag that also matches your brand identity as francesca’s did with #FreeToBeYOU. Not only does this make customer content easier to find for you, but it also becomes part of your brand’s storytelling.

Why you should do it:

  • Increases brand engagement – motivation to share the  brand experience
  • Creates connection and possible brand loyalty – customers feel valued
  • Helps establish and maintain customer relationships

If you learned anything today by reading this post, I hope it’s that you shouldn’t go crazy about perfect Instagram content. First and foremost, it’s important to get started! You’ve now learned about two simple ideas for good content. – Get to work on them right away!

Also, you might have noticed that both of these ideas involve static images. I’ve planned this on purpose so that you can master the basics before jumping into the more advanced features like reels. However, in the future, you should also consider being present on modern platforms like TikTok, but that’s a topic for another week. Try to do your best and be authentic – You can do this!

Did this post get you excited and craving for more? – Stay tuned for next week’s post where you’ll learn another interesting facet of the world of Fashion Marketing.

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